Sunday, October 9, 2011

Help for a charity

Id number 0652
Saddles of Joy is a small nonprofit organization in Yuma County, Arizona. Saddles of Joy provides therapeutic riding services to children with special needs whether their needs are physical, mental or emotional. Our horses are the therapists that work wonders for these children. We work with approximately 200 special needs children in our local schools and through private sessions. In order to provide the children and the horses a safe environment, we need to replace our aging supply of safety helmets and belts to protect the children and the horses that they ride. Our present stock is limited, resulting in fewer children able to ride at any one time. By replacing our old stock, ill fitting safety equipment will be a thing of the past. By receiving this grant, Saddles of Joy can immediately purchase this equipment in time for the school children to use in their riding classes as part of their Individual Education Programs. The children, horses and volunteers will all benefit from this grant. Many of our children are able to make great strides in their development and education through our riding program