Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Blast from the past

Since my sewing area has been shrinking I decided to  pull out everything and try to organize it. Does anyone ever have an organized sewing room? I have sewing/knitting/dyeing stuff, then I have office stuff for FFC ( the projects I worked overseas with), left over real estate stuff including some boxes with miscellaneous supplies, and the files that I need to keep for 2 more years. My room is about 20 by 10.  I have counters and work space around but they are filled!  I did decide to use my scanner to get rid of the paper clutter which is helping with fresh things but I do need to go back and scan old files to  get rid of the hard copies. Unfortunately this ranks about the same as getting a tooth pulled, after all why do this when you can sew? :)  I also have several boxes of old photos (the one craft I am not into is scrap-booking).  A friend of mine who is not a collector and has a serene minimalist home suggested that I get rid of it all and when I sew just buy enough for the project and when it is done toss any left over fabric. Are you kidding me? Those are valuable scraps. Anyhow during my sewing I came across this old letter from Erma Bombeck to me. How cool is that?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well the Baby outfit is finished- now to find the Baby!

Just kidding! We already have the baby in mind for the gifts, he will be born in a few weeks which will make the outfit just the right size when our weather is cool enough to wear it. The pants were a challenge since I had no pattern to work from, just measurements from a 6 month old and  some guidelines from the internet.  
The topthe pants