Monday, December 3, 2012

First Sunday in Advent

Traditionally that is when we get our Christmas stuff up. I also put away our everyday table linens and put out the Christmas stuff. Now that one leads to a little controversy in my home: first there is the issue of the Advent wreath it self- just try finding one purple candle let one 3, the pink on is usually not so hard, THEN try finding a white pillar candle that doesn't smell.  This year the local Catholic store had some sets in stock but the white pillar came from Wal-Mart. AFTER loads of sniffing and sneezing I chose one that is called clean laundry and has a fairly mellow scent (not what  my generic detergent smells like!)
Now we move onto the dishes- I put away my everyday dishes and move into a Christmas set. They too can be hard to find- I like a traditional pattern, unfortunately my first set was a pretty pattern of red cardinals, holly leaves and berries with a gold trim. I bought it from the Dollar Store. The complaints from the males in the family were immediate and heartfelt" we can't put these in the microwave" ( don't even ask how they found out- I heard it in great detail, I am just lucky I have  a microwave and a house still!) and the bowls are shallow with a brim so somehow the cereal didn't taste right. Okay, I promised that I would look for a new set that was also affordable, had no metallic trim and did have traditional cereal bowls. Not so easy in that I am not a fan of Frosty, or elves etc. The Christmas tree designs were okay but kind of plain and ugly to me- except for the ones that we couldn't afford. Finally I have a set found in the thrift shop- the bowls are not as good but they can live with them! Heather on the other hand understands that the beauty of a nice dish should trump all other considerations, but since she is away at college I am outnumbered.My table - Hector couldn't care less by the wayMy candles