Friday, May 11, 2012

Peaches everywhere!

I just put the 35th lid on my peach jam, peaches courtesy of a Friend's tree- next week I will do about 6 or 12 jars of strawberry jam before the strawberry man a mile down the road finishes up his stand for the year and plows his bushes down. Since I am allergic to strawberries I sure won't go overboard, making just enough to keep the troops happy! next week I also need to make my grapefruit jelly for the year- probably about 30 or 40 jars.  In case any one wonders about the over abundance of jams/jellies- they make great gifts and I can't remember when I last bought any for the house hold. I am going to try making small batches of jams and jellies in my bread machine- it has a jam cycle which I tried with mangoes. it makes about 4-6 jars at a time, simple and good.