Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rain in Yuma- Twice in One Week!

Last week was fun, we had rain twice in the same week...uh month, uhm, even better twice in the same season! The dogs didn't find it as much fun as we did though because they consider rain the most unnatural state and to be forced into it cruel and unusual punishment.  On the first day that it rained we also were getting irrigated so we had to race out and lock up the horse and the goat. The goat was doing everything possible to avoid crossing that expanse of water between him and the corral but Dragon was having a blast splashing through the yard. I think that it brought back memories of the kids riding in the Colorado river in the summer.
I hope to have photos pretty soon of a project that one of my students has been working on. It is a pencil skirt with a twist. it is an ambitious project for her and so we are both anxious for  her to finish it up. In the meantime, I am getting my fall classes set and making up some class samples.
I just finished this bag- A duffle bag the perfect size to pack for a long weekend away. It will also stow  quite nicely in the overhead racks of a plane.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keeping Cool

Since I left Real Estate and have not been doing all the marketing for our office I haven't been messing around with html and brochures etc. I had forgotten just how time consuming it could get looking for ONE missing little comma or such that could throw off the whole look of a web page. Now back to sewing- so much more relaxing!

I have been working on classes schedules and also class projects for students. I welcome feedback from everyone on the kinds of projects they like to learn about. It is a great way to stay out of the heat at this time of the year. I hope that you are all having a nice summer too.