Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road Trip

It's that time of year again...move in day at universities across the nation. Our youngest has been boarding in a furnished home all summer while she worked in Phoenix so her furniture has been stashed at home in Yuma. We borrowed our son's pickup to take all her STUFF back to Phoenix (approximately 200 mile) and out of our spare room. Since his truck is a little newer and has a few million miles less than Brad's truck it should have been a breeze.
We set off and made it almost to the halfway point when we lost the serpentine belt. For those of my friends back east it is hard to picture just how empty our roads can be so I will post photos. It was noon and the temperature was approximately 105 F (40.6 C). the towing company told us it would be 3 hours before they would arrive for us. Not one to waste a minute I got out my knitting!
Eastword  West
North South
It turns outs that the little town we were just 15 miles short of ( Pop. 1700) couldn't fix the truck so we ended up being towed another 60 miles to the outskirts of Phoenix where we got the truck repaired.
We are back home and not anxious to head out of town anytime soon! By the way the photos are looking east, west, north and south.

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